What is Inspiration?

What is inspiration? What inspires one person, may not inspire another person. This year, I want to do more than to be inspired, I want to BE INSPIRING! I want to inspire my husband, children, friends, family, and clients to all be more inspirational in their own lives and in the lives of others. How can all of us COLLABORATE to be more of an inspiration to ourselves and the people around us? Here are just a few areas I have been personally working on.

Patience: Inspiring others to be kind in public. Asking that girl behind the counter “Are YOU having a good day?” as she is retrieving the popcorn and soda I have ordered for the upcoming movie. You never know if THAT girl with the scowl on her face just found out that her mother has 6 months to live, but still had to go to work so she could feed her own daughter….

That client that is 5-10 minutes late? At least she made it and didn’t cancel at the last-minute right? What if THAT girl got into a fight with her boyfriend 20 minutes before her appointment and would’ve rather just gone to bed and cried, rather that drive to get her nails done? What Can I say or do to make her smile and realize that everything will indeed be alright. My job for most of these girls, is simple….talk them through it by asking relevant, thought-provoking questions. The biggest part? BEING REAL….my clients MUST know I bleed too. In any relationship, personal or professional…”If you are going to be REAL with someone, you must be ready for REAL in return.” (Ash Beckham, 2013)

Smile more….I try to smile at almost everyone I come into contact with these days. Some people look at me like Why-is-that-weird-lady-smiling-randomly-at-me-for? Ahhhh, those are the ones I love. We are all so deprived of REAL human contact outside of work, home, and obsessed with social media (I’m guilty) that a smile to a stranger anymore gets the STRANGEST looks…I swear….TRY IT!

More later…..




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