Breathe Me

I know this author personally, and I believe she is one of the bravest people I’ve ever met to start a blog and to let people and I’m what she’s feeling, I really suggest following her. Her writing is raw and beautiful.

hotmess bpd

Ever heard that song and think, OMG! That’s MY song! I do that often. But THIS song is MY song! Lyrics say it all. In the times I feel I cannot and will not ever get “better,” this is what I want to say and feel I can’t.
I had a very rough day today. It wasn’t only rough for me but also for my partner. It is so hard (most times impossible) to try to explain my actions or reasoning behind blurting out hateful words. I want to flip the switch to OFF when I feel my body temperature rise. When my head gets foggy. When my jaw clenches. I could give many more “when my” examples…
Seems like my life would be so much easier to wear a sign that says, “Borderline Personality Disorder DO NOT DISTURB.”
“Breathe Me”
(By Sia)

Help, I have done it again

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