Confessions of a Nail Tech- The blog is now on Facebook! 

Confessions of a nail tech- the blog

I’m excited to share my journey of being a mom, wife, and business owner with people all over the world. My children are 14 (girl), 16 (boy). I struggle with mental clarity. There’s a diagnosis (for the most part) but I don’t fit just one model….I guess that makes me special and my family LUCKY! 
Much of the material you see is taken from my blog….if needed I will date the material and give a prologue…
A little more about me….I have a Bachelors degree in psychology. I use my degree everyday BECAUSE I’m a nail tech (Hence the page name). 😉 I get to sit and share stories with women all day. I have heard some of the most fascinating life stories! While I wanted to get my PhD and become a psychologist; I decided that raising my children needed to be my first priority. 
I was married to my first husband for just under 2 years before he committed suicide. I have since remarried to a wonderful man (even though we drive each other crazy…A LOT 🙈). He has chosen to love and accept me for who I am; and in my opinion I can be a handful at times. 
Thank GOD for my amazing psychiatrist. The medication seems to be working. 
A little about my children….My son is gay (if this bothers you this is not the place for you). He is one of my best friends, when I’m not wearing my “mom hat.” I’m developing that friendship with my daughter but must use my “mom hat” a bit more often with her. My daughter is fierce; she’s a go getter and wants to become a rescue veterinarian. My son is meant to be on stage. He plans to study musical theatre. 
I support the right for people to be who they are individually. Gay, straight, trans, pan sexual, A sexual etc. Finding who you are and where you belong in this world can be scary and uncertain. I wish it didn’t need to be this way. 
I am respectful of all beliefs even if mine is not the same as yours. I believe in Jesus. If you don’t, please don’t leave….I carry NO judgement. Judgement is not my cross to bear. I’m liberal and believe in women’s rights and feminism. (And I believe in Jesus) Crazy….I know. 
This is a supportive, positive environment. No bullying will be tolerated. Please play nice and share your stories….support one another. It’s going to feel nice knowing I’m not alone in this “The struggle we call life”; especially when dealing with any form of mental illness while trying to make our lives as normal as we can tends to bear some form of weight for everyone. 
Please keep in mind this is a public page. The reason I decided to do this was so I could promote it. Invite people to join me….A closed group does not allow me to promote the page. 
Trolls will be deleted and banned. Please message me if you have a concern. I will respond as soon as I’m able.
And if you’ve managed to stay and read this far….maybe you’ll share this page with your friends. ❤️
Let the journey begin!!!!!
For those of you who know me I have chosen to keep my identity private from the public who doesn’t know me, only because it is I’d like to protect my children at this age. I’m not putting any sensitive material on there but there might be a little bit from time to time. Mostly I want to protect the identity of the people around me that I tell stories about.😂

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