Confessions of a Nail Tech

Bio: Hello fellow readers! My name is Bridget, I am a nail technician, (basically an unlicensed therapist), the mother of 2 beautiful children, a wife, a friend, a daughter, and a sister. I have so many crazy experiences and stories I look forward to sharing with you. This is the RAW account of my world. This is my Memoir, so to speak, only instead of reading this in a book you will get it live, and have the ability to interact with me. I ask that you please be kind, for I am continuing to grow as a person. Ask anyone who knows me well, and they will tell you that I am the first person who will admit my shortcomings….and I have A LOT! However, I am really just a girl who has been through so much; from dealing with an alcoholic husband who committed suicide, to getting married 10 months later. From the struggles of figuring our how to be a good mom, to figuring out how to be a good wife (the wife part I still struggle with!) I look forward to sharing with you how I see my world; I promise its a little warped at times….and I tend to poke fun at things that some people may not find humorous in the least bit. But this is MY story, and MY truth; I am the only person that holds the pages to this journey I call life….. I have a bachelors degree in psychology, a minor in English, (you won’t always see me using correct grammar). l have no real therapeutic experience to “counsel people .” However, I do have real world experience, and have given advice to many women who have sat in my chair. I have people who have come in and out of my life who have utterly inspired me to down right frustrate me. All of these accounts are leading me to be a better person. I hope my stories inspire people to believe in themselves and to be kinder, gentler individuals. There’s a saying that I learned early on, in my 20s, from one of my dearest friends Miss Kay…..”You teach people how to treat you.” This couldn’t be more true; and with that being said, I hope you enjoys my writings and as I reveal myself to you…. Please note; to share a specific posting, please click on the posts heading, scroll to the bottom, and the link will be there. You have to be in THAT particular blog post ONLY to see the share buttons.

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10 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh Bridget! You’re an amazing nail tech and a wonderful person. I just read through all of your blogs and I’m so incredibly excited to read more!! I love hearing your stories and now I get to read them fully! I already love your “closet” blog. It’s a big eye opener for me! Can’t wait to see more!!


    • Lol. I do! I have to get a legal agreement drawn up first then I can start telling them! For now I figure I’ll build a rapport with my readers and tell the stories about me that I’ve been wanting to share! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your future thoughts!


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