Homemade Pizza and The Kardashians……

Tonight I’m sitting at home just chilling. I made homemade pizza for literally like the 12th time in a row since I started using my pizza stone. I’m having so much fun coming up with all sorts of different recipes! Tonight it was a white/pesto sauce with cheese, chicken, and more cheese! Since my husband sometimes works graveyard, it was just me and my two kiddles, (almost 13 and 15). We’ve pretty much stopped eating at the dinner table when it’s just the three of us, and retire to the living room where we watch a health dose of something crazy. Tonight it was Keeping up with the Kardashians…My kids and I LOVE the Kardashians. We don’t ogle the way the live or want to be like them, but it’s fun because it creates so much conversation between the three of us! I feel so lucky that my kids WANT to spend time with me at their age, and not just hole up in their rooms! I’m willing to bond over KUWTK…why not? So as we are sitting here eating our homemade pizza, watching the Kardashians, I wonder….What do other families do to bond?

What’s your family do to get conversation flowing or spend time together?

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