It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything. For so many reasons. Mainly because I exposed this blog to everyone I knew thinking I would be helping other people with what I write about on here. Ya know, subjects like family dynamics, personality disorders, kids, relationships etc. All it took was ONE comment from ONE person that I knew to completely deter
me from writing. He made me rethink everything all because I was being honest in the moment about how I felt about a situation. (Not talking about my husband). This person has had significance in my life. At the same time I look at the relationship
And I’m not sure why I care(d) so much about what he thinks or says. We have a relationship but not to the point that I should really care what he thinks….

I started this blog because I wanted to help others realize their not alone in their situations. To be a voice…..

Writing is an outlet for me. Really it’s just for me. Not for my audience. It’s like anything else you read or hear; take what you want from it and leave the rest. You don’t have to agree with me, like what I write…..etc…..but this MY blog and I’m taking it back!

I feel like there are so many areas of my life I need to take back. Maybe in time that’ll happen. Depression has a way of making you believe that nothing will ever get better…..which I think is kind of where I’m at right now.

I feel like I’m spiraling. Like at any minute I could explode. Like a ticking time bomb. There are areas of my life that I feel like I have zero control over right now. It’s literally making me crazy.

I rarely talk about “what’s really going on” because I feel like so many people have their own crap to deal with. But I think I’ll start writing again so I can relieve a little bit if the pressure.

I HIGHLY recommend unsubscribing to this blog if you know me and are going to get upset. There are a few people I’d unsubscribe myself if I knew how.


2 thoughts on “Deterrence……

  1. Good for you! You always wrote before for a release and I’m so glad you’re writing again. Please continue, it will help you. I’ve got your back.


  2. Just the other day when I was having a s***** day, I went to your blog to see if you had written anything or if I was just missing them. Well there was nothing there but I was definitely missing it. So I am very glad that you decided to write again. Because that is helpful to people. I’m glad that you discovered your inner strength (AGAIN) and have reclaimed your passion for writing my dear friend.


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