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My Dream Thanksgiving….

It saddens me deep to my core that my husband and I feel the same way about the holidays. Neither one of us are close to our immediate families. He was close with his until his mom passed away about 1 1/2 years ago. She was the rock….the foundation. This’ll be our first year not attending Thanksgiving at all with his side. It feels weird. My family is coming over, but not my mom or sister. Both for different reasons. But I’m closer to my mom and sister than anyone else who’s coming. It makes me sad that the two people I love won’t be here. Luckily, my mom gets to come teach me and my kids to make pies on Thanksgiving day in the morning. I’m trying hard to have a relationship with my mom as we’ve never been overly close. I’d like to make some family memories with her and my kids. Life is short. You never know when it’s going to end. (I know your prob wondering where I’m going with this). 

Here’s the deal; when my grandmother passes away we will (most likely) stop having Thansgiving my extended family. (Please don’t feel bad for me yet). I have HOPES AND DREAMS of what Thanksgiving will look like in the FUTURE! See, my kids will be adults in 2 and 3 years. Both off to college. My DREAM Thanksgivings would be as follows:

Both kids will arrive home from college; maybe with a friend who doesn’t have a family to go home to. They’ll unpack in their rooms and come tell me everything I don’t already know about their lives. (Because the multiple phone calls home a day won’t be enough). 😉

Upon arrival we will bake in preparation for Thanksgiving; hopefully with my mom, my sister, my sisters husband, and his mom. The husbands will sit back and watch football all day with a drink in their hand. My husband admiralty watching how happy his wife is to have the children home for a short time. 

We will watch movies, visit, and reminance about old times…..This would be the most PERFECT and ideal Thanksgiving…..

I may or may not have cried while writing this…..hoping that someday we’ll look forward to the holidays again because our kids will bring back the significance. While someday bringing home their significant others for us to meet. (For some reason Thanksgiving seems like an opportune time to introduce a SO. (Prob all the sappy movies I watch).  It’ll just blossom…..THAT is my hope and prayer..