Merry Christmas….let’s commiserate on our “closets”

Today is Christmas Eve. It has also been a day of spiritual and personal enlightenment as I chatted with my family individually today (meaning my husband, son, and daughter). My husband and I have been married 5 1/2 years. It’s been a tough road and I take most of the responsibility. As we chatted I told him that about 30 days ago I started my “positivity journey”. I watched a video (posted below in a separate post….WATCH IT… changed my vision on my life).

Why did it change my life you ask? Because we all have closets; places we live, and don’t want/allow anyone to hold a key to our lock because we’re afraid our skeletons will all come tumbling out. But in all honesty, why do we care so much? I mean really? It’s because we’re all afraid of being JUDGED. Judgement is one of our #1 fears…..just admit it….that IS the first “step” right?😉

Generally these skeletons are in the past and hopefully we’ve learned from them. Sometimes, like myself, we have to revisit these places to remember “oh yes, I don’t want to go here again because it hurts.” We all have “closets” and we all peer out of the keyhole DESPERATELY wondering if there is someone who is in our similar situation. We wonder, am I the only one who’s ever committed adultery? Are there any other homosexuals in my school who are aching to be honest about who they are? Is anyone else struggling with their looks, eating disorder, cancer, or any of the other hard conversations we so many times choose not to have. (Watch the video I posted and this will make more sense). But here’s the deal…..we ALL HAVE skeletons….things we’re ashamed to admit.

Your soon to find out a LOT about me. Lol. You may wonder “why is this girl so incredibly open about her life?” We’ll let me answer this for you….it’s because I’ve decided I feel I have nothing left to hide. Maybe if I “come out of my closet” (and not in the homosexual sense) it’ll empower people to be more brave to step “out of their closets” in their own lives. (I don’t care what your walls are made of, WE ALL HAVE CLOSETS!!!! We are so worried about what other people think, and rightfully so….but if we can all commiserate on the fact that we have “closets” maybe….just maybe…..we can find some common ground.

In preparation for the upcoming blog entries I have somewhat of a clue about what I want to say….and in another way….this is kinda scary. Clearly there could be scrutiny, BUT those people aren’t telling my story because I’m holding the script. I’m continuing to write the script of my life. I can guarantee I will skip around from one event to another and not in order; please bear with me….☺️

I want to be a leader….even if it’s only to followers online. (Although I won’t lie, my dream is to be interviewed by Ellen Degeneres someday)…..but that’s another story….


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