And on the 8th Day…God made PIZZA!!!

I have developed a new passion pizza! While in Seattle in May 2013, walking along the beautiful curbside city with my husband; I found the most PHENOMENAL pizzeria. It pains me that I can’t remember the name of it, because it is RESPONSIBLE for my newly developed love for pizza. I had some combination of white sauce, cheese, chicken, mushrooms and more cheese. It was the most amazing pizza I had ever eaten. I asked my husband several times if we could go back, he said yes of course, but as the days went by, we would forget or find someplace else amazing to eat. I have never forgotten that pizza and have talked constantly talked about trying my own version to replicate this pizza!

In December, my husband got me a pizza stone for Christmas. I have never been more thrilled with a gift probably……ever. Gary clearly knew I had developed a passion for pizza while on our trip in Seattle. I did nothing but talk about it to everybody we encountered when we got back!

Tonight, I was able to make him one of my first CUSTOM CREATIONS! I have been working all week to perfect the crusts that I bought from our local pizza shop Baci’s. Their crust is incredible, (and since I have yet to venture out to make my own) I use their crust. I’ve made a pesto/white sauce, chicken, tomato, and more cheese pizza. I’ve made an all meat pizza, and lots of varieties of chicken, but tonight my husband and I made the ultimate pizza!!!! My husband makes the most amazing chicken that he uses to make his Philly cheesesteak submarine sandwiches with! We decided to make our own Philly cheesesteak pizza. OMG!!!!!! It has the most phenomenal flavor I have ever witnessed in a pizza. If I could reach through the screen and give you a slice and taste of this heaven, believe me I would!!!! Between the two of us, we knocked this out of the park!!!! Can’t wait to make it again! I’ve enclosed pictures. Can you say YUUUUUUMMMMM!!!!!!??????





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