This and That…

I always wanted to write a book….Apparently this is extremely cliche. Apparently EVERYONE on WordPress wants to write a book. I will settle for blogging because it gets my thoughts out into the world like RIGHT NOW…Would I sell out to something that isn’t me? What is me? I am 36 almost 37 and just when I think I have “me” kinda figured out…I don’t. I feel like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde sometimes in this world. People say “Be the Change You Wish to See”, “Think positive and you will gain positivity!” Do THIS and you will gain THAT! But what is THAT exactly? My theory is that if I am supposed to do the one thing that I feel like I was born to do, and that it write, then somehow it will be. When I started blogging, just 45 short days ago, I had NO idea what kind of world blogging held. I thought I had all these amazing ideas and truly I did but, someone else has thought of so many of them as well. So I guess I will just go on, being me and hoping people like to read my work…


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