Ode to Wine Tasting at Del Rio

I’m so excited for I get to have an adventure today

My friend Cristy and I will do some wine tastings; who knows how long we will stay!

1 bottle, 2 bottles, 3 bottles, floor

Lucky for us Courtney has control over the pours

What a little sassy place

The most inviting, and amazing space

I love how relaxed the atmosphere is on any given day

If the sun was shining in the grass I would lay

Del Rio is by far the most wonderful place

Courtney is our favorite; she always has a smile upon her face

Rose Jolee is by far our favorite wine, and if you could taste it you’d say

This is the most refreshing wine for any time of day!

The girls at Del Rio make it so much fun to relax

It is the best way after filing your income tax…

So if you should happen to be in Southern Oregon

Drop down to Gold Hill and see the girls at Del Rio….


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