Week 1 of DBT.

Today I went and did my first appointment for dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). Today was the intake process, and very overwhelming. My therapist name is Candace. Every time I told her a concern I was afraid of, and wanted to work on, she assured me that everybody with borderline personality disorder completely feels the same way and it can be dealt with. I told her that I was very judgmental, and she said that’s one of the most common traits. (Please don’t let that scare you!) ☺️

She gave me some homework, and tonight I looked it over. I started to cry, because I’m realizing that my entire way of thinking and behaving is going to be completely overhauled. While I thought this was a 24 week commitment, she told me today that I need to commit to a minimum of one year. That is a long time! However, in all reality, isn’t it a short amount of time compared to the rest of my life? If I could devote 1 to 3 years of DBT, and be free of all of the negative responses that go on in my life, wouldn’t that be worth it? The answer is yes!

This is a very short brief of the 2 hours I spent In there. But I’m very tired and want to go to bed. I figured something was better than nothing. 👍☺️

I will continue to update you on my journey!


8 thoughts on “Week 1 of DBT.

  1. I am doing DBT as well! I wasn’t diagnosed with BPD, but I have traits of it. I like DBT. I write about my experiences with it in my blog too. 🙂


    • Really!? That’s so cool that I’ve found someone else who’s doing it! What do you think of it so far? I’m definitely going to follow you!


      • I think it’s awesome for my anxiety. I’ve learned how to handle myself in situations, like arguments and such, in a much better manner. It also is *starting* to help with my black and white thinking, and we haven’t gotten into tools to help with my fears of abandonment and rejection, but we have started talking about it. It hasn’t helped me with my depression at all, but I am going to see a psychiatrist for that and continue therapy. 🙂 good luck to you!


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