Ode to My Clients and Fans…

Tonight on my Facebook I reached 1606 LIKES

This is so incredible and makes me so psyched…

When I first started, I was so far from good

But people gave me a chance, and said that I could…

People believed in me even when I did not believe in myself

I wanted to put my brush way up high on a shelf…

You assured me I was good enough, just keep practicing you’d say

I never believed I’d be where I am today…

I have so many clients in whom I adore

It literally makes me cry if one has to permanently walk out the door…

Many of these girls are like sisters to me,

I know their life stories because they trust there stories with me…

I feel so blessed to have a career like I do

Sometimes I look at it and can’t believe that it’s true…

So many of you have impacted my life

You know my lives stresses and even my strifes…

You share your most intimate stories with me

Thank you for trusting me for I could never foresee…

1606 is sure a lot of great peeps

Thank you so much for sharing I think I will get some PHENOMENAL SLEEP!


Nails with Anchors I did....

Nails with Anchors I did….


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