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Gravitational Pull

If you gravitate only to those who give you attention you will forever be bouncing from friend to friend causing yourself to be alone at the end of your days…..


Journey of Life….

So, I’m on this journey of a sense of self discovery. It’s not as fun as it sounds, but I’m trying to approach it with a glass half full attitude. Life goes through these weird phases where everything is in alignment and going along, seems to be “ok.” Then BAM!!! something comes along to derail your plans or shatters your world. I hear stories everyday of women who are going through “stuff.” What might be big deals to some people may not faze other people. I have some REALLY good friends in my life right now. You know what I love about my best friend? Her grace. She went into our friendship knowing exactly who I was. I never hid myself¬†from her and she continues to love me in spite of myself everyday. She is amazing and I feel lucky that we have each other to confide in.

So, as I’m sitting here having all these amazing discoveries. My surroundings are so funny right now. Hubby watching football, kids and friends houses, and my dogs hanging out. You know what sounds good? Hashbrowns. I have frozen hashbrowns, I think I’m going to go cook some up!

Peace out for now!


Ode to Wine Tasting at Del Rio

I’m so excited for I get to have an adventure today

My friend Cristy and I will do some wine tastings; who knows how long we will stay!

1 bottle, 2 bottles, 3 bottles, floor

Lucky for us Courtney has control over the pours

What a little sassy place

The most inviting, and amazing space

I love how relaxed the atmosphere is on any given day

If the sun was shining in the grass I would lay

Del Rio is by far the most wonderful place

Courtney is our favorite; she always has a smile upon her face

Rose Jolee is by far our favorite wine, and if you could taste it you’d say

This is the most refreshing wine for any time of day!

The girls at Del Rio make it so much fun to relax

It is the best way after filing your income tax…

So if you should happen to be in Southern Oregon

Drop down to Gold Hill and see the girls at Del Rio….


Ode to My Clients and Fans…

Tonight on my Facebook I reached 1606 LIKES

This is so incredible and makes me so psyched…

When I first started, I was so far from good

But people gave me a chance, and said that I could…

People believed in me even when I did not believe in myself

I wanted to put my brush way up high on a shelf…

You assured me I was good enough, just keep practicing you’d say

I never believed I’d be where I am today…

I have so many clients in whom I adore

It literally makes me cry if one has to permanently walk out the door…

Many of these girls are like sisters to me,

I know their life stories because they trust there stories with me…

I feel so blessed to have a career like I do

Sometimes I look at it and can’t believe that it’s true…

So many of you have impacted my life

You know my lives stresses and even my strifes…

You share your most intimate stories with me

Thank you for trusting me for I could never foresee…

1606 is sure a lot of great peeps

Thank you so much for sharing I think I will get some PHENOMENAL SLEEP!


Nails with Anchors I did....

Nails with Anchors I did….

Thank you….

I’d like to thank the people who follow my blog

It’s just an account of the voices that I sit here and log….

I don’t feel worthy to have 50+ peeps

Thank you for sharing this journey and taking the leap!

The things that I write just come off the top of my head

I don’t spend a lot if time editing; I just write what I feel needs to be said…

So many blogs you could choose to follow

You’ve chosen mine and I thought I’d fly solo…

Thank you to everyone who Likes my posts

Comments are fun for I love to interact; it makes this whole blog thing so fun to host!


Ode to a Special Friendship…

I don’t know how you stay so strong

I wish I knew how to be strong; like the rock your upon…

Your friendship is like no other I’ve seen

I want to put you in my pocket and just keep you with me…

How do you know just when to care?

When all I can do is just stand at a distance and stare…

God has you so closely wrapped in his hands

I know you will be safe when reality lands…

You have grown so much in all of these years

Through triumph, happiness and all of our fears…

I didn’t believe that we would always be friends

But now I know that we’ll be friends till the end…

I want you to know I will always be here for you

I know in my heart you’ll be there for me to…

“I love you” comes only once in awhile

But when I hear you say it it just makes me smile…

You are but a rock that I see so mighty and strong

And I know that our friendship will carry on…

Through years of happiness, troubles, and grief

You are the rock in many of my beliefs…

While one was to you, believe me, you are to another

I can’t imagine you not in my life like a baby to it’s mother…

Once grown apart and brought together again

I will never take our friendship again in vain…

Soon this will pass and we will be left with our tears

But I know we will have each other to share our fears…

You are my friend and many years have passed

I just want you know Pam, I believe our friendship will last…

Talk around the shop….(Or is it therapy?)

Some of the topics I discussed this week with my beloved clients…I build STRONG bonds with people everyday. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry. It’s more like 1 1/2 hours of therapy than clients coming to get their nails done. I love that they can open up so easily to me with such personal information…I have the BEST “job” ever!

1. I am going to court about my divorce this week…

2. I named my tumor “Bob”, so now I just blame everything on “Bob”

3. I had a baby that died at the hands of his father at 6 months old…

4. I am working to save my marriage because I know it’s what God wants

5. My granddaughter is getting her bone marrow tests done…she has leukemia

6. I woke up to my boyfriend slamming his elbow into my back when I was 4 months pregnant because he was drunk

7. My husband might have to go on deployment to Afganistan

8. I’m moving to Arizona…I will miss you Bridget and hope we can stay friends. (I am SOOO sad)….

9. I’m meeting Norman Reedus this weekend!

10. I have a step-daughter that thinks her father is dead….

11.My niece died from an accidental overdose on Tuesday…

12. I’m pretty sure I failed as a mother even though I loved them so much. I loved them to much by giving them whatever they want….

View from my shop...Perks of working from home.

View from my shop…Perks of working from home.