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I’d Like to Kick Cancers A–!!

I sit hear thinking and feeling so sad

Thinking I’d like to kick cancers ass…

With all the advancements I don’t understand

Why people are dying in doctors hands…..

It’s just so unfair and I’m angry and scared

For what if I’m next and completely impaired…

Fighting for life and in the blink of an eye

Now we are forced to say goodbye….

I know cancer happens and this is not the last

But I’d really just love to be able to kick cancers ass…..


You will rarely see me curse but….Tonight I went to my best friends house, the one I was telling you has brain cancer. It’s been 7 weeks since we found out, and the deterioration is just unreal. 7 weeks ago she was laughing and smiling…today she was lifeless, sitting in a chair, barely able to speak. I just can’t believe it. Why does cancer even exist in America? Don’t we have some of the most advanced medical technology in the world? Does cancer exist because our government doesn’t want us to find a cure? Is it because if there was a cure for cancer we would no longer need all the chemotherapy, radiation, and drugs that help a patient FIGHT cancer. If there was a cure, the government would lose TRILLIONS of dollars since there is so much funding for cancer research, right? I don’t know all the facts, I haven’t researched it, but I know that my friend is fighting for her life and is fighting a losing battle. The doctors said we had 6-9 months! What the FUCK do they know? It’s been 7 weeks and she has deteriorated like a wilting flower with no sun and no water.

I FUCKING HATE CANCER…..that is all….

Me, Kay, and Pam and my wedding shower...

Me, Kay, and Pam at my wedding shower…