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Death….It’s Final…..

Life isn’t always what it seems to be,

People pass unexpectantly….

It’s so hard with them not around

Wish I could take back the hands of time…

What a life to take

Someone tell me why…

Tell me why life is so short

Tell me why people die so young…

Every step I take, every move I make, what a life to take….I’ll be missing you….

Thinking of the day, when you went away

On that morning when you went away….

This morning when I woke I knew something I didn’t before

I know that I want to know you better…

There will be no more tomorrow….Never….


This whole blog thing was so
That I could write without judgment. I shouldn’t care what people think about what I write but it’s been brought to my attention by a couple people in my world. It makes me want to delete this and start a new one that no one knows me on. Is this blog really making people view me more negatively? I must wonder what people are t saying but thinking. But then I think, do I really care? The whole point was to NOT care. That’s turning out to be harder than I expected. Unexpected criticism is a blow…. Any thoughts on this? Please?

She Earned Her Wings This Peaceful Night….

It’s 9:13 on this peaceful night

This is the time your wings took flight…

God called you home for he needs you up there

It’s not for my understanding the pain is hard to bear….

You were the greatest friend; always truthful and honest

Your smile was infectious your
laughter was contagious….

We all were blessed to know you….

I have no feelings; I’m just so numb

I called it today and now I wish that was dumb…

But God needed you home more than we needed you here

You did so much steering over the years.

Please give the people we know up
There a giant hug.

Until we see each other again my friend…..

Dedicated to Kay Beeman
December 7, 1963 – January 20, 2014


Straddling Faith…Do you?

I had the pleasure of seeing my client/friend Amy today. It is always a pleasure talking to her, but today was different. We talked about the trials and tribulations of life, we talked about the ups and downs and how we deal with each. As we sat and chatted it became quickly apparent that we are very much alike. When sadness falls we tend to withdraw from the world and hide.

She made a very striking point today. She said, “I find myself straddling faith most times.” I asked her what she meant. She said, “When times are dark, I notice how I praise the Lord and put all my faith in Him, but when times are good, I barely acknowledge his presence in my life!” I was dumbfounded when she said this because it struck so close to home for me. Now you don’t have to believe in God to understand what she’s saying here. When times are BAD we tend to pray to God, the universe, Buddha, or whatever higher power you believe in; for me it’s God. But when things are GOOD we don’t give credit where credit is due. I don’t hear myself thanking God when I’m doing wonderful, or anyone else just “thanking the universe” for a great day.

Amy said, I believe that God is allowing me to go through a valley in order for me to refocus on Him. My thoughts on this are “This is a pretty shitty Valley, Amy….but ok” lol. But….she’s RIGHT! God gives us valleys to draw us closer to Him. Which in some ways really freaks me out since I have strayed from God, and haven’t had any major valleys lately. I’d like to think that I always give God the credit for everything, but unfortunately that is not true. How can we take so much responsibility for all the blessings we are given?

I suppose this is where atheists believe that “fate” comes in. I don’t necessarily believe in fate or karma, however you will here me speak of it. When I say the words fate and karma, what I am truly saying is “God.”

Ever since I left my church I have become increasingly ashamed of my faith in God. Why is this? And more importantly, how AWFUL is this? Why should I be ashamed of what I believe? Because there are people out there who have given God a bad name? No one goes around giving the “universe” a bad name! I HATE the word Christian because there are so many HORRIBLE Christians in the world. I know several atheists who are better people than some of the Christians I know. Just because you claim to believe in God or anything else for that matter doesn’t automatically make you a good person. But I truly am a GOOD person. I am NOT perfect, I have tons of flaws, but I am a human being who generally has good intentions when it comes to others.

I would like to think that my friend, Amy, has given me a lot to think about when it comes to straddling faith. Do you straddle? I would love to hear other thoughts and opinions on this….


Friendship and Trust….

Today I felt just slightly abused

I felt like I was wrongly accused…

My feelings are valid whether you think so or not

Forgiveness is not something I freely give out a whole lot…

Years upon years you judged me so freely

People say that you didn’t but I see it so clearly…

Maybe they are right, maybe you didn’t mean what you did

But you abandoned so easily, like I was a bad kid…

We can’t be around you if you do such things Bridget

The thought of these words are so not kindly forgotten.

You can say what you want and I have slightly forgiven

But trust is something you earn not feeling given…


The Pain

Crying brings such an emotional relief

Relief that can come when your really in need….

God knows the pain that’s so deep within

I’m crying and crying over my friend…

True friends only come but once in awhile

She was one person who could always make me smile….

The anguish I feel is so deep and unreal

I want it to be over and for my soul to heal…

She’s not even passed but the moment is soon

I saw her today at 9:30 and left around noon….

She will no longer be in pain, as she gets to go hang with Jesus

But it’s hard for us here when we don’t want her to leave us….

I’d Like to Kick Cancers A–!!

I sit hear thinking and feeling so sad

Thinking I’d like to kick cancers ass…

With all the advancements I don’t understand

Why people are dying in doctors hands…..

It’s just so unfair and I’m angry and scared

For what if I’m next and completely impaired…

Fighting for life and in the blink of an eye

Now we are forced to say goodbye….

I know cancer happens and this is not the last

But I’d really just love to be able to kick cancers ass…..

Moments Like These….

In moments like these I feel so lost

You were my best friend and now I’m just in a fog….

I don’t know what to say, and surely don’t know what to do

But what I do know is how much I really love you….

You were my voice of reason more often than not

And all I knew then was I loved you a lot….

Heaven is just but a blink away

But here on earth forever I wish you could stay….

If you’d throw in a good word for me while your up there

Forever I’d be grateful from way down here….

I bet Heaven is more beautiful than any if us can imagine

Know that in time we can’t wait to join you in the Lord’s giant mansion…

Saying goodbye for now just seems so final

But I know I’ll see you again when I make my arrival….