Depression Won’t Hold Me Back….

Depression talk is just so taboo

No one wants to talk about it; people can be so incredibly prude…

No one should be ashamed of how they think or feel

Yet so many people sit back and pretend it’s not real…

Why do we not want to talk about depression?

Because no one wants to be on a ton of medication…

Whether it’s anxiety, bi-polar, schizophrenia, or just plain depression

It’s hard for a lot of people to state their confession…

To confess when they feel like sometimes their just broke

Why is this so hard? Maybe it’s times to provoke…

Maybe we need to just sit back and toke a good toke?

For some people they just need the balance of medication

For many it might be as simple as some good meditation…

We need to light a candle to raise some awareness

Depression should not be taboo, that is the least fairest…

No one should feel ashamed of what is out of their control

No one should feel like they want to hide in a hole…

People get the idea that if you suffer with mental illness your dumb

I bet those are the same people who are nothing but numb…

In my opinion we all need to sit back and learn that its ok if we all just relax…

Mental illness is nothing to be shamed

For there is no reason anyone needs to be blamed…

I have depression, for I will not lie

But I sometimes ask God, why, oh why?

But then I remember I am loved by so many people

That I no longer have to be loved by only the people at the steeple…

Depression and anxiety often hold me back

But I’m learning that me, myself, needs to relax..

My husband loves me for all my imperfections

Even when I can’t see my own true reflections…

So when you find yourself unlovable in every way, shape and form

Remember there really is no such thing as “the norm”…



One thought on “Depression Won’t Hold Me Back….

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