This whole blog thing was so
That I could write without judgment. I shouldn’t care what people think about what I write but it’s been brought to my attention by a couple people in my world. It makes me want to delete this and start a new one that no one knows me on. Is this blog really making people view me more negatively? I must wonder what people are t saying but thinking. But then I think, do I really care? The whole point was to NOT care. That’s turning out to be harder than I expected. Unexpected criticism is a blow…. Any thoughts on this? Please?

4 thoughts on “Negativity…

  1. I think you and I both know it is impossible not to care how people view you. Your friends know who you are and know you’re not a negative person.


  2. I love how you can express yourself on here, do not worry about those that do not understand you. Good people and good friends will not judge you.


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