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Death….It’s Final…..

Life isn’t always what it seems to be,

People pass unexpectantly….

It’s so hard with them not around

Wish I could take back the hands of time…

What a life to take

Someone tell me why…

Tell me why life is so short

Tell me why people die so young…

Every step I take, every move I make, what a life to take….I’ll be missing you….

Thinking of the day, when you went away

On that morning when you went away….

This morning when I woke I knew something I didn’t before

I know that I want to know you better…

There will be no more tomorrow….Never….

She Earned Her Wings This Peaceful Night….

It’s 9:13 on this peaceful night

This is the time your wings took flight…

God called you home for he needs you up there

It’s not for my understanding the pain is hard to bear….

You were the greatest friend; always truthful and honest

Your smile was infectious your
laughter was contagious….

We all were blessed to know you….

I have no feelings; I’m just so numb

I called it today and now I wish that was dumb…

But God needed you home more than we needed you here

You did so much steering over the years.

Please give the people we know up
There a giant hug.

Until we see each other again my friend…..

Dedicated to Kay Beeman
December 7, 1963 – January 20, 2014