Talk around the shop….(Or is it therapy?)

Some of the topics I discussed this week with my beloved clients…I build STRONG bonds with people everyday. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry. It’s more like 1 1/2 hours of therapy than clients coming to get their nails done. I love that they can open up so easily to me with such personal information…I have the BEST “job” ever!

1. I am going to court about my divorce this week…

2. I named my tumor “Bob”, so now I just blame everything on “Bob”

3. I had a baby that died at the hands of his father at 6 months old…

4. I am working to save my marriage because I know it’s what God wants

5. My granddaughter is getting her bone marrow tests done…she has leukemia

6. I woke up to my boyfriend slamming his elbow into my back when I was 4 months pregnant because he was drunk

7. My husband might have to go on deployment to Afganistan

8. I’m moving to Arizona…I will miss you Bridget and hope we can stay friends. (I am SOOO sad)….

9. I’m meeting Norman Reedus this weekend!

10. I have a step-daughter that thinks her father is dead….

11.My niece died from an accidental overdose on Tuesday…

12. I’m pretty sure I failed as a mother even though I loved them so much. I loved them to much by giving them whatever they want….

View from my shop...Perks of working from home.

View from my shop…Perks of working from home.

6 thoughts on “Talk around the shop….(Or is it therapy?)

  1. Could it be that the proximity between you and the client and the fact that the latter is relaxed leads to such impromptu therapy taking place? Or could it be that your emotional concern and support shows through?



    • A study once revealed that a woman will take the advice of her hair or nail tech more seriously than sometimes their therapist. The reason for this is because we spend a lot of time touching our clients and making a solid connection with them. This was a real study conducted by a psychologist after his client took the advice of her hair dresser over the advice of the psychologist. I don’t believe that every nail tech has the relationship I have with my clients, but that is just my opinion.


    • Honestly, I believe that it is both. There was a study done once by a psychologist who was baffled that his client to her hairdressers advice over his professional advice. What he found was that hairdressers and nail techs have the ability of “touch” Women tend to bond over such things and build a closer relationship because we are constantly touching our clients.


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