Top 10 Ways to be a GREAT Parent…(in my opinion)…



3. DON’T BE SCARED OF YOUR CHILDREN…Make them fear you like you fear the Lord (or whatever you believe in…Like karma)

4. SET BOUNDARIES EARLY…AS SOON AS THEY CAN UNDERSTAND THE WORD “NO!” This hands off parenting is bull crap!

5. MAKE YOUR CHILDREN WORK FOR WHAT THEY WANT…NOTHING SHOULD BE FREE (they want a new toy? Make them help you do something you wouldn’t normally have them do like wash windows or dust)

6. YOU ARE THE MOM….YOU MAKE THE RULES…NOT YOUR KIDS (Do NOT give in to whining! They are smart! Your life will be ruled by a whining brat in public, do you really want that?)

7 . TEENAGERS ARE NOT SCARY IF YOU TEACH THEM “NO” AS TODDLERS (Ask my kids what happens if they pester me after I have told them “no”) I promise it’s not good….

8. YOUR CHILD HAS A SYNDROME? THINK ABOUT SOME MEDICATION SO THE REST OF SOCIETY CAN FUNCTION (I’m not saying to medicate your kids like zombies, but a good ADHD or anxiety medication never hurt a kid!)

9. YOUR KIDS WILL DO WHAT THEY WANT AS TEENS…DO NOT ENABLE ( I just had a talk with my kids…I said, “If you screw up, I WILL NOT rescue you! You will suffer your consequences”



She is My Daughter…

My daughter is like a breath of fresh air

I look at her sometimes and it’s just so hard not to stare…

She is such a remarkable, wonderful girl

I know someday a boy will make her head whirl…

I worry so much about her heart getting hurt

He better make his feelings plain and overt…

She will forever be eight in my head and my eyes

He will be very sorry if he should make her cry…

I will whisper to him “I’m not afraid to BACK to prison

For pissing this mother off is deeply forbidden…

I will not hesitate to slowly make you suffer in pain

So do not hurt my daughter it’s not worth what you think you might gain…

Parenting a Teen

Overprotective I am, for it’s not hard to admit

This world is so scary I just want to throw a big fit…

My son is one of the most amazing people in this place

I would be so transformed to never, ever again see his face…

I try not to let the fear paralyze me

But sometimes it’s so hard to just let him be…

I picture my world without his sweet face

A blanket of fear rides in all over this place…

I must let him spread his wings in this very big world

He’s not getting into trouble; I know this for sure

His teen years will go by in a very fast blur…

I worry thinking “Did I teach him just right?”

Then I remember he has his mothers courageous fight…

It’s just so hard to let go of his precious hand

But, I have raised a good boy and a wonderful young man…

I find myself lucky that he’s just drinking soda not beer

Hanging out with his choir class members; I really need not be in fear…

This is his first sleepover since probably fifth grade

I know it’s ok, and my fear needs to be kept at bay….

I raised him and guided him to make good choices

Now its up to him to listen to those voices…

We All Deserve to Feel Healthy…..

I look at my friends around me. One has brain cancer and on other had lupus. They are forced to eat healthy because their bodies give them no choice. I was in yoga today barely able to move. I feel inflamed throughout my body. I thought what an I doing to my body by eating all this man made crap? I won’t be perfect but I’m going to try eating as clean and gluten free as possible. Last year in March-May when did this I was by far the healthiest I ever felt. Don’t I owe to myself and to my friends and family to eat healthy? It’s not all that hard. Just takes a little more planning. I know I can do this! It’s time to listen to my body and start giving it what it NEEDS. NOT what it wants!

Teachers in my area plan to strike AND I SUPPORT IT!

OK, two days ago I was on the phone for over an hour with one of Victoria’s teachers. Here is what I got out of the conversation: Phil Long states that our kids will continue to receive a “quality education.” My response to this is” “How will my kids receive a quality education when they are being BUSSED to a DIFFERENT school for 4 hours a day! That is absolutely absurd. We are in a different society now than we were many years ago and it is very scary. What if some random act of violence happens because of this. I know this is a possibility regardless, but it could REALLY be a possibility now! I could go into all of the “what if’s” but I’m not going to. Also, our kids will be getting packets to learn with and that is not a quality education. The strike will continue for as long as there is no agreement Amber. Also, this is going to cost the school board 500k a WEEK to hire and put up these 600 substitute teachers! Why won’t the district put that money into OUR teachers instead of bullying them into signing an unfair contract!? The district also came to the Medford teacher 5 years ago and said they were going to be 11 million dollars short. The Medford teachers decided they would help the district by paying more in benefits, and making some other compromises; the district PROMISED the teachers that when the economy got better and they received more money they would go in and take care of the teachers who made these compromises in order to help the district. The district received 9 MILLION DOLLARS a little over a year ago and NOT ONE PENNY went to the teachers. INSTEAD, administrators got quite a stealthy raise, money was put into several programs, and they hired 14 new teachers! I am just sickened by what I am hearing because the media is not reflecting the TRUTH from the teachers, they are only enlightening the public on what the district WANTS the public to THINK. I am so incredibly glad that I dug deep tonight and had this in depth conversation with my daughters teacher. I have made my decision…my kids will NOT be attending school while the strike is happening. I want to keep my kids safe, and I want to send a message to the district AND my kids that you can not BULLY people into doing what you want them to do! Isn’t this what we teach our children in the first place? This isn’t about money, this is about what is RIGHT and JUST! I personally feel that this is an opportunity to teach my kids to stick up for what is right. To dig deep and find out the answers!


Adult children….is it strange?

It’s a weird feeling to think that in several years I will have grown children. What is that like? What is it like to have children that are adults. They can make their own choices legally, yet you see them make mistakes? How hard is that? Most every parent experiences this with their kids. I don’t look forward to that day. I envy so many woman who open up to me and discuss their children with them. We all parent the way we do for certain reasons due to, generally, something in our childhood…good…or bad. I really respect all the types of moms out there because we are raising our kids in diffrent worlds than when we were kids. IT’S HARD. How do we even do it? I won’t lie, I’m more scared about my kids become adults than I am about them being teenagers.

But then I think…I’ve raised very responsible children. I’ve raised children to use their inner voice. I’ve raised children who know right from wrong. I’m super involved in their lives, I’m their mother first and their friend last. It’s always fun when I can take a moment to be their friend. But general speaking I’m mom. I’d like to believe their friends like me. I know for a fact my kids like hanging out with me. I have a terrific relationship with them.

So really, why am I afraid? I’m giving them all the tools they need to become responsible adults. I really don’t need to worry. Will they make mistakes? Absolutely! And hopefully they will learn from them. Right now I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the last years I have left. I only have 3 1/2 with my son and 5 1/2 years left with my daughter. That time is going to go by so incredibly fast. Don’t take moments for granted. Enjoy your time with your children.

I love you!





So many if us are led by our emotions especially if your a girl. No matter how old I am, or how logical I am I still fight my emotions. I fight the urge to make compulsive decisions based solely on my emotions. I know this isn’t necessarily healthy, but my children tend to rule my emotions the most. I don’t know if it’s because I’m so incredibly connected to them?

My daughter just texted me to tell me that she just got an “A” on her science test and yesterday she got an “A” on her social studies test. This is phenomenal accomplishment for her. She has been working so hard to earn the right to take her riding lessons. Because it doesn’t matter if she has the money, she has to get good grades on all her tests in order to ride over the weekend. It’s a motivator.

My husbands job is hanging in the balance causing me to not be able to fully commit to the lease of her horse. The owner of the horse is an incredible human being. She’s allowing me to lease her for February knowing it could be the only month we lease her for. Can you imagine telling YOUR daughter “I’m sorry honey, the dream I do desperately want to give you is over because we can’t afford it.” My daughter is also a phenomenal human being. There will he tears but ultimately her maturity will allow her to understand. There is also the possibility that she could still take the riding lessons without actually being in 4-H. It’s just hard to imagine how painful it will be to tell her that something I could readily afford for the most part just got ripped away from us.

How awful is it that money is the one thing standing in the way if my daughters dream to ride? Money is seriously the root of all evil. We work and work to earn a descent living and in the blink if an eye someone can come in and rip it out from underneath you.